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  • Grace Korea Beauty - diny_v


    I reviews after used a month, I like it so much that I'm buying it again soon, You won't regret it if you buy it. Recommended for sensitive skin. And oily skin that lacks moisture.

  • Grace Korea Beauty - seongyoona


    I think it's perfect for those who don't like stuffy cream. I away looking for a light cream. I often lacked moisture. I was very very satisfied after using a month. It has a soft finish and feels like it holds moisture tightly. I don't feel dry at all even after using it after toner. It has cold and soothing effect.

  • Grace Korea Beauty - leelove._


    The perfect product for summer. It's moist and absorbs quickly. so it's perfect for a hot summer. My overall skin is combination. but it's really dry inside. I usually don't like heavy creams. but it is light and really moist in side skin. It contains peptide ingredients and panthenol that are effective for Anti-aging and Anti-oxidant. It's a good product. those who need to take care of ageing and dryness in tropical weather.

  • Grace Korea Beauty - jthefloor_


    I have sensitive dry skin that gets stuffy and red. so it was difficult to find a product that was right for me. Especially in the summer. I was really recommended to use GeneDNA product. I'm very satisfied. First of all, it is a fresh, light, non-greasy, moisture-filled formula. full of moisture for dry and oily skin. It is recommended for tropical weather who is sensitive and oily skin. as well as dry skin.

  • Grace Korea Beauty - rami_08


    First of all, it absorbs very well and the ingredients are very meticulous. so it's perfect for skin care. when fine wrinkles are starting to stand out. This stem cell product will help. it moisturized and calmed down a lot after applying. It has become my favorite item to use every night for intensive skin care for anti-aging and anti-oxidant.

  • Grace Korea Beauty - noeul7030


    In my early 20s, I honestly didn't care about elasticity and regeneration skin. but after my 30s, the elasticity and regeneration ability deteriorated. so i had to use basic products related it but it is not good. I found and used Dermaceleb wow. I can understand why people use anti-aging and regenerating ampoule. and I understand why they recommended Dermaceleb. It is high concentrated stem cell product. it is not sticky. it is light and absorbs well into the skin. maximize effects with derma roller. use it morning and night every day for improving age spot, hyper pigmentation, winkles and fine lines.

We have been dedicated to delivering a holistic vision of beauty, one that values both inner and outer beauty. We believe beauty on the outside starts with internal health and harmony, and honor the uniqueness and diversity of each individual’s beauty across all cultures. we are dedicated to distribute beauty solutions using only the highest quality resources.

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